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Maria Dew QC joins Britomart Chambers


Britomart Chambers is delighted to announce that Maria Dew QC joins chambers from September 2021. Maria joins Michael Heron QC, Marc Corlett QC, Paul Rishworth QC, Erin McGill, Nick Williams and Charlotte Agnew-Harington. Josh Hansen, employed barrister, also joins the chambers with Maria.

Creating relationship property agreements online


Erin McGill on how to create and certify relationship property agreements online. "As part of my barrister’s practice, I provide services as an independent lawyer through Agreeable, an online service that helps people create and certify relationship property agreements online."

Changes to our Bill of Rights


Paul Rishworth QC on the new measures. As convenor of the New Zealand Law Society’s Human Rights and Privacy Committee, Paul Rishworth recently appeared before Parliament’s Privileges Select Committee on behalf of the Society to present the Society’s submission on the New Zealand Bill of Rights (Declarations of Inconsistency) Amendment Bill 2020.

Air New Zealand Gas Turbines review


Michael Heron QC and Charlotte recently advised Air New Zealand in relation to the export of LM2500 engines. The question arose in relation to work done by Air New Zealand’s Gas Turbines Unit for Saudi Arabia. Michael and Charlotte advised that the exports did not require export permits, and MFAT subsequently came to the same conclusion.

Online legal services


Meeting online may be the new normal, but at Britomart Chambers our barristers have been leading the shift toward online dispute resolution mechanisms, too. Online mediation arbitration provide a custom-built, efficient and secure pathway for resolving disputes in a way that suits you.

MPI’s Animal Welfare Export Certificate (AWEC) process


The Gulf Livestock 1 was tragically lost at sea after departing from New Zealand shores with some 42 crew members and 6,000 cows on board. MPI commissioned Michael Heron QC and retired Rear Admiral Tony Parr to carry out an independent review of MPI’s Animal Welfare Export Certificate process and the welfare assurances MPI receives from animal exporters.

Deportation liability and Ministerial Discretion


MBIE sought Michael’s assistance with an independent review into how decisions regarding deportation liability are made by Immigration New Zealand. The review considered the processes that Immigration New Zealand employs to ensure that deportation liability decisions are well-informed and capable of withstanding intense public scrutiny.

Cycling NZ’s High Performance Programme


In 2018, Cycling New Zealand’s High Performance Programme hit the headlines amidst allegations of bullying and other issues to do with its internal culture. The review of the Programme was extensive and High Performance Sport New Zealand publicly committed to accepting his recommendations.